Black Background



Pastor Robert Treadwell III planted and oversees River of Life Church on the eastside of Indianapolis, founded and incorporated in January 2002. Preaching and Teaching sound doctrine, Marriage and Family counseling, Evangelistic outreach as well as corporate celebration is God's commission and focal ministries of this church.

He was ordained in 1996 by Charles Simmons of Berean Bible Church of Indianapolis, IN; where he continued his service of ministry as Youth Pastor (1993-1997). He was then commissioned to co-Pastor a new church plant Triumph Community Church in 1997 along with former assistant Pastor of Berean Bible Church Dewayne Davis Sr. Once again he was commissioned to plant River of Life Church and letter merged churches with Gary Blevins and Eastside Community Church with hopes of establishing a church that looked and served all people despite there ethnic or economic background. With the guidance of Gary River of Life later became associated with the Evangelical Free Church denomination under the oversight of Rev. Bill Reed who later became a personal mentor/pastor to Robert.

The preparation for ministry of Pastor Treadwell includes: 25 years of self-devoted, concentrated and continuous study of Scriptures and fundamental Christian principals. He also received theology and ministry training at Crossroads Bible College of Indianapolis, IN; pastoral training under the oversight of Pastor Guy Lipkins of Terre Haute Gospel Chapel; and spiritual training from ongoing personal studies as well as an ever-growing personal relationship with his Lord and God.

Pastor Treadwell serves his community, by volunteering on various non-for-profit boards and outreach programs. He has taught students computer programming and other technical skills giving them insight into the vast array of occupations found within the Information Technology arena. Being an example, he challenges other men and women to mentor young people to become productive citizens by also sharing their time and talents in their communities; for he believes a successful community is a serving one.

Most significantly, Pastor Treadwell continues with renewed and refocused commitment to Darlene and his 4 children Jonathon, India, Isaiah and Isha as well as his 3 grandchildren Andrea, Jonathon Jr. and Maggie.